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Meetings Arrangement

When it comes to the business potential of Russia, it is tremendous. The country covers a variety of different business spheres, including consumer goods production, real estate building and development, construction, and many others. There are more than 18 million people residing in two of the main cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg, and there are more than 145 million potential consumers in the whole of Russia.

Moscow, the capital of Russia and one of the largest centers of economic and political power, has always been a place for large-scale gatherings and meetings. Just like in any other major city, all the facilities of the meeting space (audio, video, etc.) correspond to the technical requirements and provide high-quality performance.

In addition to the development of business centers and investments in joint projects aimed at infrastructure and trade, Conference and Congress centers continue to develop successfully together with the BRIC market. The international communities now view the city of Sochi as one of the largest construction areas in the world. Biggest cities of Russia can easily be reached from all European countries and when it comes to the capital, there are three international airports near Moscow, which makes it a great place to host sports events and large international conferences. Aeroflot, Russian national carrier and the largest airline of the country, relies exclusively on high-quality international aircrafts, such as Airbus and Boeing (the use of Tupolev aircrafts has been canceled in 2010). Besides flights, transportation between Moscow and St. Petersburg has improved with the introduction of speed trains. It is planned to extend the use of speed trains on the routes – Moscow-Sochi, Helsinki-St. Petersburg, Sochi-Krasnaya Polyana.