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The new Lotte Hotel in St.Petersburg, Russia

Shin Dong Bin, chairman of the board at Korea’s Lotte Group, has revealed that the company is set to open a new luxury hotel in St Petersburg in 2017. Little information has been revealed about the new property, but the group has committed an investment of US$140 million into the construction of the hotel, which will be situated near Saint Isaac’s Square and encompass the historic Yakuchikova’s mansion. Built in 1849, the building’s design was drawn up by French architect Adrian Robin, and approved by Nicolas I. It has since been the accommodation choice for several famous individuals, including John Quincy Adams, the first US ambassador to Russia and later the sixth US President, as well as noted Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. The new Lotte Hotel in St. Petersburg represents a milestone for Lotte Hotels & Resorts, as it is the company’s second hotel in Russia, following the successful opening of 300-room Lotte Hotel Moscow in 2010. For more information, visit