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Russia & CIS package tours

Russia package tours

Russia is a country of infinite travelling opportunities and breathtaking nature! It is a country that has been hidden behind the Iron Curtain for many years, but now it is a welcoming part of the world ready to reveal its secrets and share its unique history with its guests.

The main religion in Russia is Orthodox Christianity. This country was built on a foundation of deep spiritualism and with great attention to every single stone used in the building of its incredible churches and cathedrals, which stand as reminders and witnesses of the Russian history.

The cultural life of Russia is incredibly diverse and exciting; there is no doubt that every person who appreciates art will find here something to enjoy. The State Tretyakov Gallery, The Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow along with the Mariinsky Theatre and Hermitage in St. Petersburg are only some of the world-renowned centers of art. You can spend a whole day wandering around and admiring paintings of the Hermitage or visit the most incredible performance on the scene of the Bolshoy Theatre. And after that, you may want to have dinner at one of the many fine restaurants and rest your body and soul.

Are you unsure where to begin? Our Russian package tours will give you an opportunity to experience all the best places and truly understand what it’s like to have a Russian vacation. Our company will help you with every step of the process, including accommodation booking, transportation services, visa support, tickets, the arrangement of guided tours and everything else you might need.

Everything is in your hands – you can choose a complete tour package or create a personal tour. Allow us to help you to have the most memorable and exciting experience in our country!