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Sightseeing Destinations

You have an excellent opportunity of booking any of the available excursion separately, thus creating your customized travel package, which will be perfect for your vacation plans. If you are in doubt, we can assist you and provide recommendations on which places to see in Russia. Below, there is a list of sightseeing destinations, which might be interesting to you.

But, it should be noted, that the number of incredible and fascinating cities and sights in Russia is so large that we’re not able to put them all in one list. If you want to visit a certain city or book a particular excursion, but cannot find them on our list, please contact us, so that we’re able to help you. The pricings are stated for one person, so your overall sum depends on the number of people in your group plus entrance fees to museums and taxes.Fee for guide services in English and German languages (available languages in St. Petersburg are English, Italian, German, Spanish and French) are included in the prices. Minibuses and minivans are provided for groups of more than two people. Different types of cars and services of guides that speak other languages can be looked up on our website. 

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