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Visa & Invitation

General Information on Visa & Invitation Letter

Russian visa allows foreign visitors to stay and travel all across Russia for a period of visa’s validity. The government institutions responsible for issuing Russian visas are Russian Embassies and Consulates.

The invitation letter is the first document required to receive a visa.

The invitation letter can be provided by a Russian organization possessing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reference number. Also, it can be given by a Russian organization, which received this number through local departments responsible for visas and registration under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (local departments responsible for visas – UFMS). Such organizations are in most cases referred to as hosts.

The procedure of visa processing executed at the consulate may last for up to 20 business days from the moment of your visa application submission and payment of the fee. Afterward, you’ll receive your visa attached to the page of your passport.

Dear clients! If you need information about a certain type of visa or invitation letter, please refer to visa and invitation section or index available on the website, as the details provided above are not detailed enough.